Canadian Government Shuts Down Yet Another Yes Men Parody... Takes Down 4,500 Innocent Sites

from the collateral-prank-damage dept

Famous politico-pranksters The Yes Men have a long history of putting forth convincing parody websites that get those they parody to rush around to get the websites offline. Back in 2007, there was the fake ExxonMobil site that got pulled. Earlier this year it was the fake Chamber of Commerce site that the real Chamber issued a DMCA takedown over. The latest prank is based up in Canada, with the Yes Men setting up some parody sites of Canadian government organizations, promising massive greenhouse emissions reductions. This greatly upset the Canadian government who ordered the websites' service provider to pull them down. However, as Michael Geist points out, in the rush to pull down the sites, the ISP also took down 4,500 other websites. Seems like quite a bit of unnecessary collateral damage. Of course, this is exactly what the Yes Men want. For every takedown, they get another burst of publicity.

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    The Anti-Mike (profile), 31 Dec 2009 @ 12:04pm

    Re: Re: Pranks are pranks... but...

    Sorry, fail.

    You need to understand a little about how the internet works, and you are good to go.

    The ISP stopped providing routing for certain IP blocks used by the Yes Men. They didn't delete sites, they didn't melt their servers, they didn't destroy anything. They chose to stop providing service to them. Most hosts, when facing a troublesome client that could bring the host grief will usually choose not to provided services to those sites anymore.

    Sites like spent years going from host to host, as most hosts don't want to take the heat that comes from hosting controversial material. The hosts aren't usually concerned about the content, as much as they are concerned about the amount of time and effort to provide connectivity to this sort of thing. If they have to spend them answering the phone or dealing with legal actions, what ever they are getting paid isn't worth it.

    But you knew that already, right?

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