North Face Lawsuit Against South Butt Going Viral With Facebook App

from the can-you-tell-a-butt-from-a-face dept

Following North Face's incredibly short-sighted decision to sue parody clothing maker, South Butt, it seems that the story is going viral in a variety of ways. Not only is the press and various blogs talking about it, but Paul Alan Levy alerts us to the news that South Butt has released a Facebook app that helps you "sharpen your skills" to see if you can "tell a butt from a face." As Levy notes, this sort of application and attention gaining effort shows why these types of lawsuits are likely to bite you in the butt. Even if there's a legal basis here (and that's questionable), the backlash against such a lawsuit is clear (and was widely predicted when North Face first made its threat). Anyone filing lawsuits these days needs to realize how the court of public opinion can weigh in quite loudly on such things.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 19 Jan 2010 @ 12:44pm

    never stop relaxing

    who ever heard of extreme skiing a mogels butt,
    competing in the north face masters snowboarding on your butt
    going butt first up a climb on a mountain
    or rafting a river --backwards
    good thing north face isn't marketing to hunters or the butt of that rifle might really hurt.
    gee did anybody ever know that a tee shirt it to most widely used global art for talking about changes in living.
    that fleece is really great to walk your dog and mans favorite friend wears one too especially to cover the other end.
    that backpacks carry anything anywhere not just during exploring
    sweatshirts are for everyone not just elitest outdoor dirt bags.
    vf(the parent owner of north ace) was really only a lingerie and loungewear clothing company when they started in business, then they decided to explore buying other company's to get out of their silky undies.

    Sounds like "never stop exploring" is really all about how many brands can VF own at one time, not anything to do with a kid trying to make a buck.

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