Australian Domain Authority Circumvents Standard Process To Shut Down Site Critical Of Australian Internet Filters

from the due-process? dept

With the news that Australia has decided to censor the internet, a group of protesters decided to set up a website complaining about this effort by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy (who laughably called internet filters "100% effective" based on absolutely no metrics). In setting up this protest site, they were able to register the domain Not surprisingly, that got some press attention, and suddenly the Australian domain authority, AuDA, took notice. As Slashdot points out, AuDA completely circumvented its usual due process mechanism, and it gave the holders of the site a grand total of 3 hours to defend themselves. When they asked for more time, they were shut down. Now, there are legitimate questions about whether or not they deserve this domain name. But you would think that AuDA would be willing to at least give them the normal amount of time to craft a reply and defend why the site is legit. The speed of the takedown certainly suggests political motivations -- more than a typical review process -- and highlights the very problem the site was set up to illustrate: why it's bad when the government can suddenly snuff out websites with views it does not like.

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  1. icon
    harbingerofdoom (profile), 21 Dec 2009 @ 11:24am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    what if........ now stay with me here....

    what if, he is asking for you to show him how its so very painfully obvious because.... and here is the twist for you.... its NOT.

    you are sitting there spewing out a bunch of noise, but if its so very obvious to you that the fact that they used a politicians name in combination with political protest is something that should be shut down immediately, then im afraid you are the one with a problem cause i dont see its obviousness either.

    and the sky is not blue you dolt.
    the color you are seeing is a reflection of light off water. if the sky were blue it would be blue always. the sky itself is actually devoid of color.

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