FBI Arrests Wolverine Leaker; Don't You Feel Safer Now?

from the tax-dollars-at-work dept

Much of the reasoning behind Joe Biden's recent summit with entertainment industry bosses and a variety of top administration officials -- including the Attorney General and the head of the FBI -- was to "coordinate" enforcement efforts. Efforts, one assumes, like the FBI's hard work in tracking down and arresting the guy who put a pre-release version of the movie Wolverine online, even though it was lacking in special effects and final audio. As we noted at the time, there were many ways that the studio could have responded to the leak that made them look cool and would have encouraged more people to go see the real movie. Instead, 20th Century Fox went ballistic about how evil this was, and got the FBI to act as its private police force. Of course, despite how this leak "ruined" the movie, Wolverine (despite mostly dismal reviews) had a massive opening and went on to earn $180 million at the box office, significantly more than it's $130 million budget. But, of course, the movie industry is dying, and our tax payer money should be used to track down the guy who did so much "damage."

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    Skillygilly (profile), 20 May 2011 @ 1:04pm

    Re: Re: Re:

    Been doing a lot of reading. Many valid points in lots of comments. Thanks for the DUMB ASS FROM THE BRONX comment. Truly I am. Won't try to dispute that. Uploading the movie has really turned my life around. All for the worst. Your comment about hacking or leaving the building with a copy wasn't done by me. I simply purchased it for $5 on a Bronx street corner. The 1st time I ever went to L.A was 2 appear at Federal Court. Me being a musician/producer, didn't really think much about intellectual property until I heard 1 of my tracks being used by a rapper with no credit given to me. He went as far as saying he produced the track. My stomach turned. So I now know how FOX must had felt. Apologies are no good, feeling bad is no good. I broke a law true. I'm Guilty of that. I already plead Guilty in court, sentencing is Sept. If I could go back to March 31 or was it 30th? I 4 got. I would have never purchased it. I won't try 2 justify my actions in any way. I was wrong. Just have to own up to whatever the courts decide. Hopefully some kind of house arrest/probation. try to pay a fine. I don't know. But honestly, If there's a God up in heaven, (And I Hope there Is) because I've been praying for over a year now, may he let the courts decide properly and not be influenced. Thank You All For UR comments.

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