More Charts The Record Labels Don't Want You To See: Swedish Musicians Making More Money

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We've already discussed the research on the UK music industry that shows both that live revenue is more than making up the decline in recorded revenue and that musicians themselves are making more revenue than ever before. Some people have suggested that this is a UK-only phenomenon, but a worldwide study found the same thing as well. And, now it looks like the same is being found in Sweden as well -- home of The Pirate Bay, which we keep being told is destroying the industry. Swedish indie record label owner Martin sends in the news on data from the Swedish music industry, which looks quite similar to the UK data. First, it shows that while there was a tiny dip in overall revenue, it's back up to being close to it's high, mostly because of a big growth in live music:

Chart by Daniel Johansson

Basically, recorded revenues dropped. Collections stayed about the same, but live grew. More importantly, though, is the second chart, which shows the revenue for actual musicians. And that's going in one direction: up.

Chart by Daniel Johansson

And yet, The Pirate Bay is destroying the ability to make music, right? Funny that the numbers don't seem to support that at all. Basically, these charts are showing the same thing that those other studies have shown. More music is being created. There is greater "discovery" of new music. There are greater revenue opportunities for musicians, and the only part of the business that appears to be suffering is the part that involves selling plastic discs. Yes, that sucks if your business was based on selling plastic discs, but for those who can adapt and adjust, there is more money than ever before to be made. That sorta goes against the claims that "piracy" is somehow destroying the industry, doesn't it?

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    ECA (profile), 14 Dec 2009 @ 1:13pm


    1. Ticket prices keep going up, and the Bands dont get most of that money.
    2. If we had a stadium that could handle 1million people? could they fill it? 3 million show'd up in moscow for a Concert by JM Jerre'.
    3. Digital security on music is stupid, it doubles the price and stops NOTHING.
    4. AVAILABILITY and finding the MUSIC you like are the MAIN reasons to FIND illegal music. We arent all 16 years old any more.
    5. IF the recording industry UNDERSTOOD the idea of DIGITAL music, and would augment their SYSTEM, they could make it cheaper and easier to release music. You could use a KIOSK system and the customer could PICK and choose, PAY, and it would Download the music DIRECT to you..and the system could store MILLIONS of music on the system, in a 4x4 BOX, in the FORMAT BEST for the customer.
    6. COPYRIGHTS and TIME. the music industry has TONS of music that hasnt seen the light of day for 50+ years.. it should ALL be released to the public domain. ANYTHING over 20 years SHOULD be released..

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