If Hollywood Is Upset About $1/Day Movie Rentals, How Do They Feel About 6 Cents Per Hour Rentals?

from the it'll-destroy-Hollywood-even-more! dept

So Hollywood is all concerned that Redbox DVD rentals at $1 per day are going to do serious damage to the Hollywood economy -- except, of course, that the actual numbers say exactly the opposite. Still, if they're all freaked out (and some are in court) over $1/day rentals, you'd have to imagine they're not particularly pleased about rentals that could be even cheaper. Rose M. Welch points us to the news of a new DVD rental kiosk operation, called Big Box DVD, which is moving forward with a business model of charging a whopping 6 cents per hour for a new release (4 cents per hour for an older release). For folks willing to just rent the video, take it home, watch it and return it, that can be quite cheap. Of course, if you keep it for a full 24 hours, it'll be a bit over a dollar. How long until we hear about how much damage this is doing to Hollywood?

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 11 Dec 2009 @ 10:19am


    OMFG!!! This is going to completely destroy and obliterate all of Hollywood and lay waste to every single actor, actress, director, producer, executive producer, hair stylist, key grip, best man grip, dolly grip, special effects guy, animator, caterer, wardrobe maker, carpenter, lead carpenter, sculptor, lead coordinator, coordinator, apprentice coordinator, lead painter, painters, standby painters, apprentice painters, apprentice coordinator, storyboard artist, art department lead and staff, graphics coordinator, illustrator, payroll accountant, second accountant, lead accountant, accounting assistant, production accountant, key grip accountant, carpenter accountant, caterer accountant, production office lead, production office staff, production office assistants, production office assistant apprentices, production office assistants' accountants, dolly grip accountant, accountants' accountants, accountants' assistance accountants, accountants' assistances' apprentice accountants, pre-recording mixers, recording mixers, re-recording mixers, grip mixers, concrete mixers, prop mixers, mixers' accountants, sound design, key make-up artists, assistant costume designers (and of course their acocuntants also), vehicle supervisors, vehicle drivers, security guards, stand-ins, and pretty much everyone else with their assistants, apprentices and accountants, and any other title, position, representative and individual involved in the movies.

    All of this takes money!!! How can they possibly pay all those people with 6 cents an hour!!! That's sacreligious, communistic wages that are so far under any possible pay wage that the actors couldn't possibly afford their four 125,000 sqft. manions, fifteen Bentleys, 350 flat screen 96" plasma televisions, 892 custom purses, 2,000 suits, and custom flooring made of marble only found in the deepest recesses of the Himalayan mountains that can only be dug out by 12 year old children and a goat with a gimp horn.



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