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by Mike Masnick

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DigiProtect Now Handing Pre-Settlement Threat Amounts Over To Collections Agencies

from the that's-not-good dept

We've covered how various companies in Europe have built up an extremely profitable business by purposely seeding content they have the rights to on file sharing networks, and then sending "pre-settlement" letters demanding money from the holder of any IP address that connects to them, even if the IP address is not accurately indicating who was involved. They're now sending out these letters at a massive rate, and while they're not actually filing lawsuits, it appears that at least one of the firms involved, DigiProtect, is getting a collections agency involved in some cases. That seems pretty nasty. There's no actual debt here, because the person has not agreed to pay up, but by handing it over to a collections agency, the person will now get hounded with demands for payment. It's difficult to see how this is even close to legal.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 8 Dec 2009 @ 7:12am

    The future.

    Today they are trying all this schemes. ent-industry.html?full=true

    But I don't think in the future it will matter because what is to come will definitely kill all hope of containing anything.

    Fast memory that can hold your entire life in video could be just around the corner. ry.html?full=true

    Then you have the new paradigm called "augmented reality" when people start using glasses or googles or even full masks(frog concept) that will enhance how you see and interact with the world and will be capable of seeing what you see and storing that information, then everyone will have a perfect copy of what they see and it could be even stored in 3D format and all those people will be pirates then.

    It is not getting more difficult to copy data is getting easier every year, next year is coming out(maybe) the first 802.11n(150Mb/s) equipment and after 2012 the 802.11ac which promises Gb/s is in already being planed.

    Soon people will have gigabit connections and it will come the day that to transfer a whole Bluray it will only be a matter of seconds.

    Encrypted channels with morphing protocols that simulate other protocols will kill deep packet inspection.

    I feel sorry for those people who think they can try and stop anything it ain't gonna happen dude!

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