Why Would Countries Leave ACTA Negotiations If Text Was Public?

from the how-does-that-make-sense? dept

KEI's James Love ended up on an airplane with USTR Ron Kirk, and was able to ask him some questions about ACTA secrecy. Kirk's response was that the document would be revealed after it was finished -- i.e., after those who it will impact most could have a say in the matter. He also claimed that some of those in the negotiations would "walk away from the table" if the documents were made public. It's difficult to see how that makes any sense -- but if it's true, is that a bad thing? Do you really want to be negotiating a big treaty like this one if some of the countries are afraid to stand behind the document to the public they're supposed to represent? I think the fact that some countries would walk away from the negotiations if they were made public pretty much explains why this process is so broken in the first place.

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    Hephaestus (profile), 4 Dec 2009 @ 8:46am

    This is a good thing .....

    Personally I want ACTA to go through. The unintended and in-direct consequences are so obvious.

    1) An increase in Encryption
    2) Greater privacy (because of pt 1)
    3) Better, more secure, encrypted, anon, file sharing apps
    4) Decreased revenue and the eventual fall of the record labels

    these are the ones that I am looking forward to ...

    5) Greater use of CC liscenses as the labels become more draconian in punishing people and the artist bail on them.
    6) The rise of business plans that are artist based not label based
    7) The re-recording and distribution of Albums by artists under some form of CC liscense (oops ... my bad ... for mentioning this)
    8) Decrease in revenue for the collection agencies

    286 note/entry) find out if the re-recording of albums by the same artist is legal under US, canadam and EU law.

    Add it as an option to the accounting server, right server, media server, etc. Also add it to the business plan.

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