Looks Like Entertainment Industry Lobbyists Got To The Spanish Government

from the and-here-we-go-again dept

We had just been noting how Spanish courts seemed to be actually interpreting copyright law in a reasonable way, and slapping down industry attempts to abuse the laws. Of course, that couldn't last. It appears that Spain is now proposing new copyright laws that would bring its existing laws down the well-lobbied path of draconian punishment, increased third party liability and other mindless ideas that have more to do with propping up an old business model than encouraging the creation of new quality content. A bunch of professional content creators in Spain are organizing to protest these new rules, but do they stand a chance against the usual onslaught of industry lobbyists?

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  1. identicon
    well, 2 Dec 2009 @ 1:29pm

    non commerical copying and fair use

    this is about spains rights and freedoms
    and ill say it
    riaa/mpaa are bad evil trolls and you will see them funny part is

    A) am i a thief in canada for using my blank cdrs ( CDR LEVY ) no
    B) am i the thief or are they with 17.07$ pop n popcorn at movie theatres
    C) cam law got one person convicted in 1.5 years ...LIKE OMG how much taxppayer money wasted on that could have went to foodbanks OR lowering taxes

    its economic american terrorism plain and simple by a small group who need like hockey players to take some pay cuts and USE TECHNOLOGY not be scared whiney of it

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