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As many of our readers already know, we've been producing several topical conversations on a variety of subjects via the Insight Community, and we'd like to introduce our newly sponsored site, IT Innovation, brought to you by Sun Microsystems and Intel. (You may have missed the subtle new 'IT Innovation' link added to the top of our page.) First and foremost, the goal of this effort for us here at Techdirt is to create interesting and useful content for our readers in the realm of server hardware and datacenter management.

We'll be covering trends in datacenters and skills for IT managers -- and asking the Insight Community for its input on generating relevant insights for future conversations. And as with any natural conversation, we're not 100% sure where the topics will lead because the ideas will develop and evolve as we discuss them. But we'll start with current trends, as well as far off predictions, advice and tips for IT managers, business tools, and try to delve deeper into the subjects that resonate with the community participants. If you're already a member of the Insight Community, you can contribute your thoughts on the datacenter upgrade process. If you're not already a member, you can join now.

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  1. identicon
    Josh Reynolds, 3 Dec 2009 @ 2:28pm

    Re: Sun is sponsoring? With what money?


    Thank you for your comments. I'm not sure what you mean by "hardware crashing in value" but I believe you'll agree that Sun continues to deliver value to its customers with technological innovations that directly impact a customers business. A CMT based SPARC T5240 server delivers more performance than many of the highest performance systems of 5 years ago at a fraction of the cost. That is not a crash in customer value, but an increase in the performance delivered per dollar. Certainly this impacts the residual value of 5 year old systems FROM ALL MANUFACTURERS of computer equipment.

    And, by continuing to invest in Solaris and expand its role as a virtualization and storage platform, Sun provides standards-based solutions with better ability to scale with system performance than most OSs. In addition, Oracle has publically stated that it will increase this investment in Solaris after the Sun acquisition is completed.* Sun has also focused on expanding the value we are delivering to our customers by offering a broad range of servers based on Intel Xeon processors.

    I'd like to better understand your comment around "excluding VARs from business". I've worked directly with Sun VARs for the past 5 years and over that time we've substantially increased the importance of VARs to Sun's business. If there's a specific issue related to Sun's VAR relationship that you'd like to discuss, I'd be more than glad to help resolve it. Contact me on Twitter at JoshRey or by email at

    Josh Reynolds
    North America MidMarket Manager
    Sun Microsystems


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