Brazil E-Voting Machines Not Hacked... But Van Eck Phreaking Allowed Hacker To Record Votes

from the there's-an-issue-there dept

Last week, we noted that an attempt to let hackers crack e-voting machines in Brazil failed, but Slashdot points out that someone did use some Van Eck phreaking to figure out who people voted for. While that's not quite the same as hacking the results of an election, it could lead to questions about privacy and how anonymous voting really is. Of course, to some extent, this has always been a risk with e-voting systems, but it hasn't received that much attention.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 24 Nov 2009 @ 4:19am


    "We can receive weak signals from small spacecraft out past the edge of the solar system." - ROFTL

    Point your big ass radio telescope towards the voting machine, will ya?

    Not needed. I think you lack a sense of the scale of comparative magnitudes involved.

    Voyager 1 is currently almost 10 billion miles from earth and we can still receive it on the 70-meter Deep Space Station at Goldstone, California. Now compare that to the distance of a van parked a tenth of a mile from a polling place. That's a factor of about 100 BILLION. Now, doing *a lot* of simplification just for ballpark numbers, how big is an antenna that's 70 meters divided by 100 billion in diameter? Hint: it's way too small for you to see with the naked eye. Think that's too big? Still ROTFL?

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