UK Gov't Official: Innocent People Won't Get Kicked Off The Internet; Trust Us

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With all of the concern over the proposed bill in the UK to kick file sharers off the internet based on accusations (not convictions), some have been raising concerns about innocent users kicked off the internet. Culture Minister Sion Simon has hit back at those claims insisting that the innocent won't be kicked offline. Really. Trust us. Or something like that. The main reason he claims that it won't impact the innocent is because multiple letters will be sent and there will be an "appeals" process. Of course, that ignores the fact that this could still be quite a disruption in someone's life. If they're falsely accused, they risk losing their internet access and have to fight an appeal? That could be costly in terms of both time and money. And, of course, we've already seen, with other similar threats, that the warning letters sometimes get sent to the wrong address or wrong person and get ignored entirely.

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  1. identicon
    Dom S, 13 Nov 2009 @ 2:23am

    What i want to know is...

    (this should be viewed as if i am not remotely tech-savvy, much like the majority of internet users)
    if someone hacks into my wireless, uses my connection to download pirated content and i get a warning letter.
    if i dont know what im looking for (ie "my network places" router network details etc), how do i prove that its not me downloading?!

    are the government now going to start employing (on wages paid by our ever-increasing TAXES) investigators who will come to your house, check your network for you and isolate a hacker...?

    surely this cant work... if someone else uses their neighbours connection by hacking their network. that neighbour probably wont know how to find out that this is happening!

    do the government EVER think about what they suggest?
    do they not have experts to advise them on the implications of this policy?

    F**king idiots!

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