Microsoft Patents Changing User Privileges Temporarily On The Fly

from the sudo? dept

Someone who prefers to remain anonymous points out that the USPTO, in its infinite wisdom, has granted Microsoft a patent (7,617,530) on a method for "elevating" a user's rights temporarily. Basically, it's for a non-admin user who wants to do something (e.g., install a program) that requires admin access, without having to logout and re-login as the admin. As the submitter notes, this sounds like "sudo" or any number of other tools that have been around for ages. Can we submit the following xkcd comic as prior art/evidence of obviousness?

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    Derek Kerton (profile), 12 Nov 2009 @ 2:11pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    Wow, weak story. Possible refutations:

    1) Why didn't he develop it when first conceived? Perhaps because the market wasn't ready, the bill of materials was too high at that earlier date. There could be dozens of reasons. And of course, they would apply to anyone else with a similar idea during that period.

    2) How do you know how many people of 4+ Billion humans had conceived of putting a game of some sort on a TV screen? Do the odd support that between 1950 - 1965, that idea occurred to 1 person?

    I fully invented rollerblades years before the first skates ever hit the market. I had the in-line idea, and the multiple donut wheel idea, all attached to a skate boot. No BS. You see, I had to walk to school, and as a hockey player I noted how much faster I could skate then walk, and how easy it was to glide on skates. I wanted to go to school the way I went across the rink. Problem was, I was 12, not so ambitious, and the idea was just in my head. To me, that's just one example of how ideas are a dime a dozen.

    Your console guy through the 1950s was about as useful to society as my rollerblade plan. Until he actually did something, so what.

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