Nobel Prize Winning Scientists Say Federally Funded Research Should Be Available Free Online

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For many years, there's been a lot of debate over the fact that many scientific journals effectively lock up the results of federally funded research in expensive journals that are inaccessible to the public -- including many other researchers. Locking up useful research is troubling enough, but when it's federally funded, it's really problematic. Many scientists are quite troubled by this, and Glyn Moody points out that a group of Nobel Prize-winning scientists has now urged Congress to require federally-funded research to be freely available online. Really, they're pushing in favor of a new law, the The Federal Research Public Access Act of 2009, which seems to make a lot of sense. If the government is funding the research, the more widely available it is, the better.

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  1. identicon
    Dave, 12 Nov 2009 @ 8:31am

    Like intellectual property

    Enterpeneurship implies risk... risk with the chance of profit. The entrepeneur risks his time, his seat, and/or his money to perhaps, that's a big maybe, experience a return on his investment whether it be one, all or any combination of these investments.
    Now that means that whatever the value of taxpayer funded research, it should yield a return to the taxpayer since the taxpayer is, at the very least, sharing in part, if not all, the risked investment.
    I do not believe that government funded activities of any kind, other than military, should be secreted from the public. I would even go so far as to include profits realized by such organizations as The Children's Television Workshop, which receives most of its funding from us, the taxpayers, but keeps huge profits to itself as if it had risked an investment.
    Fair is fair and, unless there is a national security reason to withold research results, they should be available to the general public.

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