Time To Take Down That Animated Under Construction GIF; GeoCities Goes Away

from the a-moment-of-silence dept

Last week, we wrote about how difficult it is to predict the media landscape future because you don't know what sorts of disruptions will suddenly show up, noting how things like Twitter and YouTube didn't even exist five years ago. Of course, on the flip side, you also have to recognize that things that are big today may not exist in a few years as well. As noted earlier, GeoCities is officially going offline today, despite still getting a ton of traffic (don't ask me from whom). It's just another reminder that what's big today may not exist in just a few years.

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  1. identicon
    Lucretious, 26 Oct 2009 @ 6:19pm

    For sheer entertainment value you couldn't do better than Homestead back in the day. They had a link where you could browse random users pages from any where in the world. The Homestead tools allowed you to drag and drop all kinds of garbage from their library....bad games, Horoscopes, pics and, of course, flashing .gifs aplenty.

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