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AC/DC's Reason To Buy: Get A Box Set Inside A Functioning Guitar Amp

from the now-that's-cool dept

We're always interested in cool "reasons to buy" that different content creators are coming up with, so thanks to TW for alerting us to AC/DC's latest effort, involving a special box set that is packaged inside a working guitar amp. The box set is $200, but beyond just the music (rarities, memorabilia, etc.) the casing itself is a 1-watt guitar amp, one foot wide by one foot high and four inches deep:
One of the fun things we've noticed in talking to various content creators about ways to better structure their own tiered "reasons to buy" is that it really helps to come up with some ideas that fit the content creator directly, and how they currently interact with fans. That is, you can't just copy what everyone else has done, but need to find that special unique thing that matches the content creator. This seems like a perfect example.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 29 Oct 2009 @ 7:09am

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    I always laugh when someone pulls out the shill card. That's just funny stuff. You are so stuck on one model (the one Mike spoon feed you) that you can't accept what is right in front of your eyes.

    Accord to Mike, music is free. Yet, tack a $10 cheaping piece of electronics with it, and suddenly it's worth $200. Something doesn't add up, does it? $10 + $0 doesn't total up to $200. So either the consumers paying for this are being suckered, or the proof is that the music itself is worth a whole lot more than nothing.

    You can't have it both ways. Open your mind and think past the gob of techdirt pap in your mouth, and you might see it!

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