New US Ambassador To Canada Kicks Things Off By Pushing For Bad Copyright Laws

from the *sigh* dept

So it looks like the "timing" on Barrie McKenna's ridiculous Globe & Mail column spewing a bunch of recording industry propaganda wasn't so random after all. Just after it came out, the new US ambassador to Canada, David Jacobson, made a point of scolding Canada for its copyright laws, and sticking by the decision to put Canada on the "watch list" in the USTR special 301 report. Once again, despite early suggestions that the new administration might actually take an evidence-based approach to intellectual property, it looks it's instead decided to simply act as an enforcer for Hollywood make believe. Too bad.

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    william (profile), 23 Oct 2009 @ 4:38pm

    As a Canadian, let me welcome the new Ambassador on behave of Canadians every where.

    If you don't like it, get the f**k out. Here is the road to the boarder, and take those electricity and lumber out of your purse before you leave.

    Thank you.

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