OnStar Used To Stop Carjacked Car

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Way back in 2003, there was some discussion around the idea of having a "remote stop" feature on car telematics systems, in case a car gets stolen. There were some serious worries about how this could make things dangerous for other drivers on the road, but two years ago, OnStar enabled just such a service, and now we've heard about it being used on a carjacked car. OnStar "disabled the gas pedal," remotely, thus forcing the car to slow down, and allowing the cops to catch the carjacker (after he fell into a pool while running from the cops). While effective in helping to catch this guy, you still have to wonder about the safety of remotely stopping a car like that.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 22 Oct 2009 @ 9:41pm

    Re: Re: Re: Remote turnoff for cars

    The difference is that if you find a $20 bill on the sidewalk, you *can* take it. It's not a crime to do so.

    Strange, I thought stealing money was illegal. How about bicycles on sidewalks? How about cars on sidewalks?

    Now I know you claim to be some kind of fed, so could you please cite the federal law that would make stealing that money legal despite varying local laws? That could be handy to know. I even remember one case where an armored truck was in an accident and money was blowing around in the streets and the cops were warning people not to steal it, even if it made it to the sidewalk. So according to you, those cops were threatening to arrest people for something perfectly legal? Just goes to show, you should never leave home without a lawyer, I suppose.

    Nonsense. Legally...

    I wasn't speaking legally, which is why i said "it seems to me". But I can tell you that just because it's "legal" doesn't mean that it isn't also "nonsense". I was talking to an attorney the other day who was also of the opinion that many things that are allowed today would have been considered entrapment in the past, especially before the "war on drugs".

    I still say that if you have to use "bait", then it's a "trap", despite any legal fiction nonsense to the contrary.

    If you're jumping into cars that don't belong to you and driving off with them merely because the windows or down or the keys are visible, then you're already predisposed to being a car thief.

    Because you say so, right? Oh, that's right, you're a cop, so of course.

    Hey, I wonder how many little kids are "thieves". I bet you could even identify them in preschool. Just put put a group of them in a room with a nice, big plate of fresh cookies in the middle of it and tell them not to touch the cookies. Then leave the room and watch what happens from hidden cameras. It's never too early to identify those "predispositions", is it? I bet you could even start federal dossiers on the "thieves" found amongst them. You never know when that kind of information could useful in a future "terrorist" investigation.

    No shit. The affluent don't go around stealing other people's cars. That's how they get to be affluent and not incarcerated.

    There was an affluent kid right here in my own town that was arrested for car theft a while back. Seems that he took Daddy's expensive sports car out for a joy ride without permission, Daddy came home, didn't know that his own kid was the culprit, and called the cops who quickly stopped the car and arrested the kid. Of course, the charges were dropped and I don't think the kid even made it to a cell. (Rank has its privileges, as they say.) So, you're right, they don't get incarcerated.

    In reality, they don't pick neighborhoods based on affluence or lack thereof. They pick neighborhoods that already have a high rate of vehicle theft. You go where the bad guys are.

    You see very little crime with your eyes closed.

    In law enforcement that's what we call a clue.

    Some people call it "profiling".

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