Kansas City Courts Overwhelmed By People Protesting Redlight Camera Tickets

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mrtraver writes in to let us know that Kansas City's courts are apparently overwhelmed with people protesting redlight camera tickets. In fact, the system is so overwhelmed that they're installing computers outside the courtroom where people can review the video that resulted in their ticket. The hope is that people will realize how clearly the evidence stacks up against them and will drop their complaint. However, some other reports point out that some ticket recipients have been able to get out of the tickets after showing that the yellow light was too short, or that they had made a perfectly legal right turn on red. Of course, what's troubling is that while the judge let the person off due to the "too short yellow," it was only that one person. Given how many cities have been caught lowering the yellow light times below the legal limit, it would seem that having it happen in one case deserves at least a deeper investigation, rather than just dumping one person's ticket. In the meantime, for municipalities thinking about adding such cameras, it's worth pointing out that bureaucratic (and potentially technology) overhead you may be adding to your court system...

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    byteme, 30 Oct 2009 @ 4:44am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Will they never learn


    htt p://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/the-truth-about-shortening-yellow-lights-at-red-light-camera-locations /


    These are just a few links, but I have been reading about this issue, on and off, for years.

    In some cases, the camera companies were allowed to control the light, in others, the city willingly made the changes, to increase revenue. When you purposefully change the situation hoping to make more people into violators, that is just dirty. There's no other way to look at it. That's like when a cop tailgates another driver, hoping to push him/her into speeding so he can write them a ticket.

    It has been shown, over and over, that lengthening the yellow lights significantly reduces accidents at intersections. The red light cameras are shown to have little positive and sometimes negative effects on accidents. Read-end accidents increase dramatically when they shorten the yellows and install cameras.

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