No, The Music Industry Outlook Isn't Grim... Just For Selling Recorded Music

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JJ passed along a short article from a week or so ago, claiming that the "outlook" for the music industry is "still grim" according to some industry insiders at a conference. Except... that's not really true. Once again, it seems like there's confusion between the recording industry and the music industry. Yes, it may be true that the outlook for selling plastic discs or downloads may not look so hot, but that's hardly everything that encompasses the music industry -- and claiming otherwise is not at all accurate. The recording industry has pushed this myth for years, and it's too bad the press continues to parrot the same line. Yet, when studies actually look beyond just selling the music directly, they find that the outlook isn't grim at all. Claiming that the outlook for the music industry is grim is like claiming that the outlook for the transportation industry is grim in 1910 because the market for horse carriages is declining.

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  1. identicon
    Mozzer, 26 Oct 2009 @ 3:12am

    Interesting where you find info to contradict the doom and gloom!

    I nteresting excerpt:

    "Cheryl Cole spectacularly proved her doubters wrong yesterday - by shooting to the top of the singles chart.

    She sold an astonishing 292,846 copies of Fight For This Love which instantly became the biggest-selling single of the year so far.

    And it marked a turning point for the resurgent singles industry, which had been predicted to almost die out but has now been saved by internet downloads.

    This year has become the biggest ever for UK singles sales because of the download market, according to music industry experts.

    Recorded music body the BPI hailed the 'astonishing' transformation of the market as it was revealed that 117million singles have already been sold this year.

    The Official Charts Company data showed that sales have surpassed the previous record of 115.1million, set in 2008.

    The total has been reached with ten weeks of trading, including the vital Christmas period, still to go.

    Geoff Taylor, BPI chief executive, said: 'We've witnessed an astonishing transformation of the UK singles market during the last six years, with digital downloads rapidly overtaking sales of CD singles and cassettes to dominate the singles scene.'"

    Despite the moaning hidden in other news items you find information like this!

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