Gov't Trying Everything Possible Not To Give Up Telco Immunity Lobbying Records

from the not-so-transparent dept

Remember last month, when a court ordered the Obama administration to turn over records of who lobbied the administration for retroactive immunity for telcos concerning the warrantless wiretapping program? Yeah... well, it turns out the Obama administration isn't so keen on actually living up to that. First, it asked for a 60 day delay, so it could think about appealing (i.e., "give us time to stall, since telco immunity is being debated in Congress now, and we don't want this info out until afterwards"). However, the court said no, and said to hand over the info. And... yet again, the administration has now filed an emergency motion asking for 30 days to consider an appeal. It's difficult to see what this is other than a pure stall tactic. If the court already rejected the 60 day delay, why would it now turn around and grant a 30 day delay. All this is really serving to do is make people a lot more suspicious about what those records might show.

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  1. identicon
    Freedom, 9 Oct 2009 @ 12:17pm

    This isn't about protecting the TelCos...

    Let's just all remember that this isn't about protecting the TelCos. This is about protecting the government and the officials in it from going to jail! The TelCos were strong armed into doing things for "National Security" and basic, fundmental laws were broken in the process.

    The only reason I can see that Obama is doing this is that both Republicians and Democrats were involved.

    I'm on neither side of the political isle - they both frankly make me sick and have shown that they'll abuse their power when given a chance. This should highlight to those that think Obama can do no wrong and is a principled leader that he is just like most politicans right now. The truth is, you should judge a man by his actions and not by his words! His words are pretty, but his actions show the extreme ugliness of his character and total lack of principled leadership.


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