Lobbyists As The New Celebrities? Cheering On Those Who Abuse The System

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In the first half of this decade, the press liked to cheer on those hedge fund bosses, who abused the financial system to great wealth. These days, of course, with the economy in the tank, the press needs to find some other class of system-abusers to cheer on. As Copycense notes, it looks like DC lobbyists may be getting the celebrity treatment these days, similar to the hedge fund batch a few years ago. It's as if the press gleefully looks for those who abuse the system for greed to celebrate. What a shame.

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    Matthew, 5 Oct 2009 @ 10:24am

    Re: Re: Better off...

    This is simply false. The lobbyists that most people hear about are typically corrupt, but in principle, it's a useful and reasonable profession. Ideally, lobbying is not about bribing politicians, but about informing them. There DO exist lobbyists who gather relevant information and present it to representatives and senators in a digestible form, while making a persuasive argument about how best to act on that information.

    Citizens can form lobbies too. You might say, "My representative should be serving my interests without me having to spend money and time to keep him in line." How does he even KNOW what you want, though? If you write him a letter, how does he know that enough people agree with you? One possible answer is that you and your like-minded friends pool your money and pay for one of your own to act as your in-person liaison with your representative. And you know what that person is called? A lobbyist.

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