That Whole Watch An Ad To Get Content Thing? Patented... And The Patent Holder Has Been Suing

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So we were just talking about some new company called Free All Music, which has a plan to let people download free mp3s if they agree to watch a video ad first. I have my doubts about how well it would work... but apparently the company may also need to watch out for another issue: a bogus patent. You see, there's some company called Ultramercial, who not only holds a US patent 7,346,545 on the concept of distributing content where the user can get it for free after watching an ad, but Ultramercial recently went legal. Just a few days ago, it sued Hulu, YouTube and WildTangent for infringement over that very patent. Seriously, USPTO? A patent on watching an ad before getting free content? This is why patent examiners get such a bad rap.

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Companies: hulu, ultramercial, wildtangent, youtube

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  1. identicon
    AW, 2 Oct 2009 @ 10:58pm

    Okay...this is actually enough to get me to act on it. Seriously what legally can we do about this. I HATE most corporations because they break the public trust, but I HATE stifling honest companies trying to do something right even more. Hulu has done everything right and has gotten shafted at every turn. You don't mess with daddy's tv and get away with it. If you look further down cookies are actually cited as a patent 6182050. Really? Someone patented cookies? Anyone else notice that they use actual 3.5" disk graphics? Gah...let me know and I'll mail in my patent on a method of holographic advertisement. I'll hold on to it for a few years and it will be worth millions with zero actual work.

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