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by Mike Masnick

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Even After Being Disbarred, Jack Thompson Can File Misguided Mistargeted Lawsuits

from the good-luck,-Jack dept

Ah, Jack Thompson. The lawyer who made a name for himself years ago by trying to misdirect the blame for pretty much any violent action by any teenager by claiming that it was "the video games' fault" has since been disbarred, and last we heard was getting scolded by Utah state politicians -- the one state where politicians were still putting up with his unsubstantiated claims. And, of course, through it all he continues to claim that everyone is out to get him -- with various video game blogs being a favorite target.

Of course, even though he's been disbarred, it doesn't mean he can't continue filing misguided lawsuits on a pro se basis -- and that's what he's done now. Eric Goldman alerts us to the news that Jack Thompson is now suing Facebook because some people on Facebook have said some mean stuff about him. Now, there's no doubt that some people online have said incredibly mean and hateful things about Jack, and may have made statements that are potentially threatening. But, apparently, while filing all of these lawsuits and getting disbarred, Jack Thompson never bothered to read Section 230 of the CDA, which protects the service provider (such as, say, Facebook) from the actions of its users. Details, apparently, are not Thompson's strong suit:
There's a bit in there where he suggests that there's some massive organized campaign against him, rather than just a bunch of random people having fun with him, because they appear to think he's a bit out to lunch.

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    Philip (profile), 1 Oct 2009 @ 7:52am

    Re: Hmm

    but the social networking sites seriously need to be forced to hold some form of responsibility if they are just going to let things like threats--or worse--happen.

    You may be onto something there! We may want to also look into enforcing phone companies to take responsibility for threats over the phone, too. Oh wait...that's right, that would be illegal. And why would it be legal on Facebook? Not to mention we're not even talking completely within US borders anymore.

    You do know there are already current laws in place for serious threats on life, right? And I do mean serious. Imagine the world if you got arrested every time you said "I'm gonna kill you!" even though you really had no intent to do so.

    Yes, the world is full of childish antics, but you know what? That's life. Learn to live with it and not take it so personal.

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