Will People Pay CNN To Help Them Report The News?

from the shouldn't-that-work-in-the-other-direction? dept

I've been seeing good reviews for CNN's new iPhone app, that's apparently well-designed. Lots of people are pointing out that the app is being offered for $2, as they wonder if people will "pay for the news." Except, of course, anyone with an iPhone can access cnn.com for free via their browser. So, if they're paying for anything, it must be additional features or convenience that the app allows -- not the content itself. And, for all the good reviews of the app, there's one "feature" being promoted that I'm not so sure I understand. Everyone keeps talking up how the app will turn anyone with an iPhone into an on-the-spot reporter:
Among the high points of the CNN app: It offers the chance to essentially join the CNN reporting team. Readers are invited to submit their own photos and video clips to iReport, a feature CNN already uses on its Web site for gathering material from the public.
Reading this, all I can think is that CNN is asking people to pay it to work for CNN. If it works, bravo for CNN, but that does feel a little backwards, doesn't it? I can totally understand user-generated content sites where people do work for prestige rather than money, but I'm not sure how enticing it is to get people to pay to do work for you...

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    Doug Vannoni (profile), 1 Oct 2009 @ 12:13pm

    Re: Re: Am I the only one?

    Not sure where you live, @Misanthropist, but when I first got cable in 1979, all the broadcast stations had their commercials from day one. And while the cable stations "experimented" with adding commericials, the broadcast stations never seemed to "experiment" by taking their commercials off.

    Thing is, we can all talk about lobbyists & coprporate $$$ ruinging our culture, and I totally agree on every front.

    This one, though, I think is wayyyy more simple. No one gives back a revenue stream, not in 1880, not in 1950, not in 1990 and certainly not in 2009 - maybe once every million years it happens.

    What we are is greedy and what we do is push things onto people, and when people don't make any noise, that's taken as acceptance & that's the end of the story.

    I for one am going to try to make some noise because the web really needs to remain the bastion of free-ness that is has been, but as we all know the lobbyists & corporate $$ can buy noisemakers that turn my tirade into nothing more than a faint hum. So come one peeps, FIGHT THE POWER!

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