Really @NHL? Is It Necessary To Fill The Whole Background With Legalese?

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So, with the NHL season now under way this week, the NHL is running a twitter promotion where you have to guess the winner of each of the games this Saturday. Tweet the correct winners to @NHL and you could win yourself a trip for two to a regular season game of your choosing. The promotion is fine and all, but what I was surprised at was the ridiculous background image that is on the NHL twitter page: an image of the entire legal "Official Rules" in both English and French.

NHL Twitter Page

Seriously? Whose idea was it to fill the entire background with legalese? It is barely even legible. A simple link would have sufficed, but it almost seems like a childish response to a lawyer's request to put these rules up on their twitter page. Then again, in reading through the extensive rules, I was reminded of my favorite part of any sweepstakes in which Canadians take part, the math question.

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    Dennis Yang (profile), 30 Sep 2009 @ 10:16am

    Re: Re: Re: NHL Twitter Background


    Thanks so much for the response. Your explanation makes complete sense, and I was wondering why you keep on tweeting out the link to the rules. That said, the underlying absurdity still remains -- the legal tail is wagging the proverbial dog, much to the detriment of everyone.

    Case in point, hidden in that huge bunch of unreadable legal text is perhaps the one rule that people should pay attention to:
    Once you are a registered user of Twitter®, you must become a follower of the NHL by visiting and clicking "Follow."

    I completely missed that one. That said, kudos to you for individually replying to people who have entered to inform them of this rule.

    Best of luck with the promotion. I hope my entry wins.. ;-)


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