The iPhone Is Not The End Of Innovation

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There's just something when we see a dominant technology out there that makes people assume that no one will ever out innovate it, and then fear that we're stuck with the dominant player forever. Adam Theirer has a post discussing this concept in relation to a recent paper by Robert Hahn and Hal Singer, Why the iPhone Won't Last Forever and What the Government Should Do to Promote its Successor, which highlights how dominant platforms often appear insurmountable, but often quickly are defeated from unexpected sources. Thus, worrying about things like exclusive arrangements or if the platform is too closed off may be a waste of time. Eventually, the market ends up taking care of it. The paper points out that previous technologies are often declared the "end of innovation" as well, such as the Motorola MicroTAC flip phone (I had one, ages ago), which Fortune described in 1989 by saying:
Portable phones won't get a lot smaller than this one. After all, they have to reach from your ear to your mouth.
Take a look:
And no more innovation ever happened in mobile phones over the past twenty years, right?

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  1. icon
    Griff (profile), 3 Oct 2009 @ 12:51pm

    It's the apps, stupid

    If someone made a touchscreen phone (lets call it the xPhone) which came with a set of development tools that would allow the developer of an iPhone app to effortlessly port their app to the xPhone provided the hardware capablities were sufficient, the xPhone could have a bulging app store almost overnight. I'm surprised this isn't anyone's technical strategy for erasing the lead Apple have.
    (Of course, there'd be a native app devt environment too, but the "import app from iPhone source" would be prominent).

    Or do developers agree when they submit an app to the app store to not develop it for other platforms ?

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