Lily Allen, Don't Apologize To Me, Apologize To Everyone Else

from the sorry,-but-that's-not-the-point dept

It seems that a few folks misunderstood the point of my post yesterday in joking about Lily Allen's double standard in ranting against unfair copying while copying blog posts from other sites. And Lily herself appears to be among those people. She's posted an apology, though, a bit petulantly, starting in all capital letters:
While I appreciate the "apology," that's really missing the point. First, the reason TorrentFreak and I both brought it up wasn't because I was upset about her using the post. As I clearly said in my response, I thought it was great that she wanted to use our post, and I encouraged her to do so. The point, though, was that it was a bit hypocritical of her to be going on and on about how evil it is to copy another's work without their permission, when she went and did the same thing. Furthermore, the point is that when it's natural and easy for people to copy like that, it's time to learn to accept it and use it to your advantage. So, no apology is necessary to me. My post wasn't about you trying to pass off my words as your own, but recognizing that even you, Lily Allen copy other people's work all the time, even without realizing it.

And, yet, in the very same breath, you want to kick people off the internet for doing the same thing?

If anyone deserves an apology, it's all the people you've been blasting with this complaint that it's "piracy" that's somehow harming artists, when the actual evidence shows no such thing. Plenty of artists have learned to embrace file sharing and used it to their advantage, suggesting it's not piracy that's the problem -- it's artists unwillingness to adapt and put in place smarter business models. Running to the gov't and asking them to kick your fans off the internet isn't a new business model. So, don't apologize to me. We're happy for you to use Techdirt posts however you want. We just thought it was worth calling your attention to the fact that even you seem to have no problem copying stuff when convenient, so maybe you should think twice about blasting everyone else for doing the same thing.

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  1. identicon
    Nick, 22 Sep 2009 @ 9:44pm

    File sharing no problem?

    Well you must be high if you think file sharing is not harming artist. That is an obviously ignorant statement.
    I have worked in the music business for 30 years, with all the greats...Michael, Whitney, Tina, Barbra...on over 200 albums.
    Our business has been DESTROYED by file "sharing."

    What a stupid word for "stealing."

    We spent hundreds of hours and thousands upon thousands of dollars creating music, and then it is STOLEN. It is SHARING only if the OWNER decides it's sharing.
    I don't give a shit whether you think that's "right" or not, 'cause you should have a choice too! If YOU want to work on your "articles" for FREE, that should be your CHOICE, just as if I DON'T want to give my shit away, that should be MY choice! I don't care if you think I'm an asshole, it's MY stuff.
    This kind of thinking really pisses me off.

    On top of it, it's just morally wrong. I know that probably doesn't mean much to most of you out there, as you've justified this in your mind.
    "Music is too expensive."
    Well so are BMW's, why don't you go steal one of those?

    You thieves don't deserve good music, and in another 5 years you won't get it, as there will be no industry left. All the great players will get jobs, all the great, legendary engineers will retire...and you'll finally get the shit that's worth what you're paying....NOTHING.

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