Obama Open To Helping Newspapers, To Avoid Reporting Becoming 'All Blogosphere'

from the oh-really? dept

Mathew Ingram points us to the news that President Obama has indicated that he's at least open to hearing bills that would help bailout the newspaper industry because he's afraid of reporting becoming "all blogosphere":
"I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding."
That seems like an odd way to characterize things. First, it seems odd to lump the medium in with a certain type of reporting. There are plenty of "real reporters" who do plenty of "serious fact-checking" within the blog world too. Blogs are just a publishing medium. Yes, because there's a lower barrier to entry, you do end up with a much larger absolute number of bloggers, many of whom are just giving opinion. But the idea that there aren't blogging reporters is pure folly. In fact, I'd argue that the serious blogs on certain subjects to a lot more to "put stories in context" than your average newspaper reporter, who writes up a quick take and moves on to the next big thing. Topic-specific blogs are often much more accurate, much more detailed, and much more willing to focus on context than newspaper reporting. So why rescue one bunch of reporters, just because they happen to print on paper?

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    buy-here-pay-here trollbuster (profile), 18 Aug 2013 @ 10:28pm


    I normally don't comment to comments but this was so funny... I just had to. It took you over 350 words to imply that bloggers are spilling nothing but lies about Obama's Health Care plan that miraculously just popped out of a corpogovt toaster overnight like a sparkly magical pop-tart, and that bloggers are just free-spewing disinformation with no accountability while of course the 'official journalists' who have all been ‘vetted’, are held to a standard, and therefore ‘mostly’ above reproach (even if their nearly illiterate lap dogs, the New Media Monopoly nepotism trumps all and handles the final word of the God-Kings, eh?). I am not entirely convinced you have objectively read an American newspaper in the last twenty years or even in recent years, but if you have that means you are either: 1. A professional liar trying to paint American journalism with an ethical credibility it simply does not have, which in that case you may not even be within our nation’s borders just collecting on our tax-payer dime like so many other corpogovernment outsourced trolls, or 2. Ingratiating yourself to the insider-referral economic fascist club, or 3. An idiot who will believe anything their told by the establishment as long as it doesn't shake the box your living in or interrupt your quality entertainment time… because of course if the corpo-government was lying to you about their motives, or endangering you in any way, they would confess all to you in their ‘legitimate’ incestuous umbrella media… I suppose their collective conscience would make them. Lol. If not... good luck in court. You see, that's why in politics and business smokescreens are useful... but SILENCE IS GOLDEN.

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