The Onion Fools Foreign Reporters Once Again

from the pealing-away-at-the-fact-checking-myth dept

The Onion strikes again! Seven years ago, we wrote about how a Beijing news program believed a story in The Onion concerning threats by Congress to move to a new Capitol building (with a retractable dome). The latest is that two Bangladeshi newspapers apparently reprinted the "news" from The Onion claiming that astronaut Neil Armstrong was convinced that the moon landings were faked after reading some conspiracy theory sites online. You can almost forgive foreign reporters for not knowing that The Onion is satire, but it just reinforces how little fact checking the supposedly "professional" press does anywhere around the world.

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  1. icon
    Dark Helmet (profile), 5 Sep 2009 @ 10:35am

    Re: Arrogance

    "Oh right, because all you know about the country is from Western television"

    ....yeah, no. Lifelong student of world history with time spent in the region, mostly India. Though you missed the point I was making, which was that Bangladeshi papers have little to no frame of reference for relatively small, Chicago-based satirical periodicals that are only funny because of how plausible some of the stories appear on the surface.

    But yeah, I'M the moron...

    Oh, and I know that every Ethiopian isn't starving. After all, Marvin plumped up in South Park, didn't he?

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