Movie Makers Use 'Fake' Piracy Numbers To Score Distribution Deal

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The NY Times recently had a blog post noting that the makers of an $850,000 romantic comedy called X's and O's were thrilled that their movie was widely shared on file sharing networks, because the attention it got helped land them a big DVD distribution deal, and potentially a television deal, helped along by the attention received from that file sharing. Of course, there's just one little problem. The FreakBits guys noticed that the number of downloads the movies' creators are citing are almost certainly false. Apparently some sites post fake download numbers as a part of their advertising, and the movie makers used those fake numbers. But... it seemed to get them attention to get more deals, so more power to them. No matter what, it suggests that (once again) obscurity is a much bigger problem than piracy.

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  1. identicon
    sharing is caring, 2 Sep 2009 @ 11:28pm

    some movie studios used sharing data for research

    I seem to remember a company called widevine where a friend worked on piracy analytics - tracking which pre-release and newly released movies were being pirated on IRC, usenet, Kazaa, and Morpheus (yes before BT was huge).

    For better or worse, the sharing data on which movies were shared the most seemed to track closely with success in theaters. There was internal debate on whether the data indicated the sharing lead to ticket sales or if sharing simply indicated the quality of the movie, however, it didn't matter. Some smaller studios actually were paying for some of that data.

    While this doesn't prove anything, it does suggest value in the data about movie sharing.

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