This Doesn't Bode Well: FCC Can't Figure Out Online Streaming For Its Own Meetings

from the and-they-want-to-regulate-stuff? dept

If there were any gov't body that you would hope would have a handle on basic things like online streaming of video and audio, it would be the FCC, which is supposed to be regulating communications, right? But... that's not how the government works. During yesterday's meeting, in which it announced plans to investigate the wireless industry, apparently the online stream required the use of RealPlayer (welcome to 1999) and only allowed 200 simultaneous connections. Perhaps instead of investigating the wireless carriers, the FCC should investigate its own broadband connections and streaming setup.

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    Chronno S. Trigger (profile), 28 Aug 2009 @ 1:11pm

    Re: It's hard to trust the FCC...

    I can't believe that over 200 people agreed to watch the FCC after they saw they needed real player.

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