by Karl Bode

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cable, cord cutting, price hikes


by Timothy Geigner

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connect with fans, games, piracy, superbeat xonic

pm studios

Legal Issues

by Tim Cushing

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cleveland, police, shootout, unfair treatment

Legal Issues

by Tim Cushing

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expertise, law, policy, politics, technology

Legal Issues

by Eric Goldman

Filed Under:
cda 230, ftc, second circuit, section 230

leadclick, leanspa


by Karl Bode

Filed Under:
business models, choice, data caps, fcc, oreos, usage caps

mediacom, netflix

Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
android, apis, copyright, evidence, java

google, oracle, orrick


by Daily Deal

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daily deal


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08:31 Can Someone Explain To The RIAA That SOPA Didn't Actually Pass? (37)
06:16 AT&T Sues Nashville To Keep Google Fiber At Bay (33)
03:15 The Proper Channels For Whistleblowing Still Mostly A Good Way For Messengers To Get Shot (25)


23:08 Local Lawyers Challenge New Kuwaiti Law Creating Mandatory DNA Database Of All Citizens And Visitors (10)
16:15 Capcom Releases DRM For Street Fighter 5, Promptly Rolls It Back When It Screws Legitimate Customers (43)
14:37 Immigration Board Says You Can Be Deported For Copyright Infringement (30)
13:00 Techdirt Podcast Episode 92: Passwords Suck; What's Next? (2)
12:20 We QA Tested Vote2016() Against Last Night's Debate; No Code Changes Required (12)
11:44 Nigerian Government Officials Abusing Cybercrime Law To Silence Critical Journalists (4)
10:44 Trump Offers More Insight On His Cybersecurity Plans: 10-Year-Old Relatives Vs. 400-lb Bedroom Dwellers (108)
10:39 Daily Deal: Avantree PowerHouse 4 Port Fast USB Charging Station (0)
09:38 The Internet Of Poorly Secured Things Is Fueling Unprecedented, Massive New DDoS Attacks (50)
08:34 The EU's Proposed Copyright Directive Is Likely To Be A Wonderful Gift -- For US Internet Giants (20)
06:22 Verizon Claims Nobody Wants Unlimited Data, Wouldn't Be Profitable Anyway (26)
03:21 EFF White Paper Hopes To Educate Cops On The Difference Between An IP Address And A Person (52)


23:15 Chicago Cubs: With Success Comes Trademark Lawsuit Against Street Vendors (13)
16:35 CA Supreme Court Agrees To Review Appeals Court's Bludgeoning Of Section 230 And First Amendment (17)
14:44 Man Arrested For Parodying Police Department's Facebook Page Sues City, PD Over Rights Violations (30)
13:10 DHS Offers Its Unsolicited 'Help' In Securing The Internet Of Things (39)
11:43 Movie Theater Security Guards Assault Women, Claim They Were Pirating Movie (69)
10:40 New California Law Attempts To Fight Hollywood Ageism By Censoring Third-Party Websites (38)
10:35 Daily Deal: VPN Unlimited Subscription (2)
09:36 Traffic Is Fake, Audience Numbers Are Garbage, And Nobody Knows How Many People See Anything (79)
08:34 The Weird Psychology Of People Fighting Those Who Resell Their Products (47)
06:33 Congressional Rep Mike Honda Sues Challenger Ro Khanna For CFAA Violation Over Access To His Donor List (18)
03:36 NSA Zero Day Tools Likely Left Behind By Careless Operative (27)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (12)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History - September 18th - 24th (1)
09:00 Hurry Up: We're Taking Down Our Takedown Gear In A Week (13)


19:39 Arguments Over Internet Governance Transition Get Even More Stupid (19)
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