(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Mike Masnick

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ISP Slows Access To High Bandwidth Services 12 Hours Every Day

from the time-to-find-a-new-ISP dept

Over and over again we've seen folks on the tech side of ISPs admit that basic network upgrades can handle whatever traffic growth is happening on the network, without resorting to draconian efforts to slow down traffic. Apparently, there's an ISP in the Netherlands that didn't get the message. Broadband Reports is noting that Dutch ISP, UPC is slowing down all traffic to "high bandwidth services" from noon to midnight every single day. They're cutting bandwidth to these services by 2/3. So, apparently, if you have to do high bandwidth stuff, get it done in the morning.

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    Noel (profile), 27 Aug 2009 @ 7:39am

    Re: You get what you paid for

    Uh, hey buddy! Moore's law also applies.
    Gigabit ethernet, lighting up dark fiber and fat pipes mean that, changing that 1-to-1000 ratio to 1-to-100 isn't that expensive. So yes, they could do that right now.

    But you know what ... doing nothing and throttling the connection is EVEN CHEAPER. It's called CORPORATE GREED, and it's not an evil plot, it's a natural reaction of execs such as myself to shareholders bashing us about wanting more and more profit. Which is why you need a regulatory agency to step in.

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