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by Mike Masnick

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ISP Slows Access To High Bandwidth Services 12 Hours Every Day

from the time-to-find-a-new-ISP dept

Over and over again we've seen folks on the tech side of ISPs admit that basic network upgrades can handle whatever traffic growth is happening on the network, without resorting to draconian efforts to slow down traffic. Apparently, there's an ISP in the Netherlands that didn't get the message. Broadband Reports is noting that Dutch ISP, UPC is slowing down all traffic to "high bandwidth services" from noon to midnight every single day. They're cutting bandwidth to these services by 2/3. So, apparently, if you have to do high bandwidth stuff, get it done in the morning.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 27 Aug 2009 @ 6:58am

    if you have problems thinking how american telco companies can possibly put out such huge bandwidth, keep in mind that many countries offer much better bandwidth than most dream of. For the amount you pay for a 15meg connection in america you can get a 100meg connection in Japan because they don't have duopolies.

    stop and think about that. in japan (among other countries) the telcos can afford to provide 100meg cheaply and aren't having problems while other telcos are saying that they need to reduce the bandwidth by 5-10 megs to handle the load, there's something wrong there.

    Also, I can't find the source right now, but there are people who have gone on record saying that most telcos have not spent the money in maintaining a standard upgrade model to phas out old hardware and keep current and that those who have haven't been using most of their network.

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