IFPI: The Pirate Party Shouldn't Be Allowed To Hold Its Positions

from the fascinating dept

I haven't been posting about the formation of local versions of The Pirate Party (a name I still hate) in places like the UK and Finland because I actually don't think it's that big a deal. However, Ville Valtasaari writes in and alerts us to the response of the IFPI to the formation of the party in Finland, which, oddly, seems to suggest that the IFPI doesn't think The Pirate Party should be allowed support its own positions at all:
"We are absolutely against the idea that any political party can give their support to the idea of free use of protected content."
Apparently freedom of political expression isn't high on the list of things the old recording industry likes. I have no problem with the IFPI saying that they disagree with the reasons for The Pirate Party's platform, but that's not what's being said here. The IFPI is claiming that no political party should be allowed to support such positions. Of course, the quote also totally misunderstands the party's position, but that's not much of a surprise.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 20 Aug 2009 @ 8:05pm

    Re: Re: Oh come now

    and of course then they feed you lies. They tell you that indie artists don't exist because it's not profitable for them to continue on their own when the real reason they don't exist and are not well known is because special interest groups have destroyed them the means of distributing their music without them. It's really sad. It's all based on lies, the RIAA, FDA, FCC, all of these agencies are extortion agencies that do nothing but feed us lie after lie after lie. and the people buy it hook line and sinker. I just don't see why Americans and people in general are so gullible. I wish it weren't so. People need to wake up and stop being gullible. We need more people like the ones on Techdirt, the fact is that the average person is gullible and believe whatever mainstream media feeds him.

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