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IFPI: The Pirate Party Shouldn't Be Allowed To Hold Its Positions

from the fascinating dept

I haven't been posting about the formation of local versions of The Pirate Party (a name I still hate) in places like the UK and Finland because I actually don't think it's that big a deal. However, Ville Valtasaari writes in and alerts us to the response of the IFPI to the formation of the party in Finland, which, oddly, seems to suggest that the IFPI doesn't think The Pirate Party should be allowed support its own positions at all:
"We are absolutely against the idea that any political party can give their support to the idea of free use of protected content."
Apparently freedom of political expression isn't high on the list of things the old recording industry likes. I have no problem with the IFPI saying that they disagree with the reasons for The Pirate Party's platform, but that's not what's being said here. The IFPI is claiming that no political party should be allowed to support such positions. Of course, the quote also totally misunderstands the party's position, but that's not much of a surprise.

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  1. identicon
    zenasprime, 20 Aug 2009 @ 6:44pm

    Re: Oh come now

    this is not actually the case. You can stream all the CC and PD content you want without paying any money to the collection agencies. Only if you wish to stream music that does not fall under the umbrella of CC or PD do you have to pay royalties. Also, if you are an artist and do not wish for royalties to be collected in your name, it's your responsibility to make sure that you do release your music using CC or into the PD AND the radio station playing your music must make sure that they DO NOT report your music in their royalty lists to the collection agencies. Personally, I believe that the NO OPT OUT feature built into this plan is totally rediculous but I'm pretty sure someone sold it as "PROTECTION" for artists even though in reality it's a racket to make money for nothing.

    I've spoken with a representative from Sound Exchange for a good bit about my concerns with them "collecting royalties" on music that I've released using the CC as well as payments for streaming CC only internet radio. I have no reason to believe that they were misrepresending the facts but it does seem that the above is true.

    If you want to fight the system, you, as a musician and recording artist, are still free to step outside of it and do your own thing. The one stumbling block, however, are the increasing interference by the powers to criminalize and make difficult performing in a live setting outside the system. Corporations like Clear Channel are buying out venues left and right and paying for laws which make performances outside of their venues either very expensive to the venue owners or simply illegal. I know that in Philadelphia, if you are not part of teh established venue cabal, law enforcement will arrest you, take your equipment (or just destroy it), and very simply make life hard on you. Sad but true.

    So while everyone is busy being distracted by one side of the issue, the evil doers are sneaking around the flanks to cut off all other alternatives.

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