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Cyberattack That Brought Down Twitter & Facebook Only Highlighted The Guy It Hoped To Silence

from the whoops dept

Ajit Jaokar alerts us to the fact that last week's "cyberattack" seems to have given a much greater voice to a guy the attacks were designed to silence. If you haven't been paying attention, late last week, there were huge denial of service attacks on Twitter and Facebook, which knocked out both sites for a period of time. Apparently, the attacks were an attempt to silence an economics professor in the republic of Georgia, who online has gone by the name cyxymu. Jaokar noticed that cyxymu had very few followers on his Twitter account, but since the news has come out that he was the target of the attack, thousands of new followers have started paying attention to him. So whoever ran the attacks (cyxymu blames the KGB), which sought to first discredit cyxymu and then take him offline, seems to have only done the opposite. They've suddenly given him the world's attention.

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    Digital Protector (profile), 10 Aug 2009 @ 8:13pm

    It's not the number of hacks, as much as the publicity they've been getting of late. In the 90's, hacks were all about putting up a splash letting everyone know what had happened; in recent years, however, most hackers have been far more subtle. Part of the upswing in reported incidents is likely due to the anti-sec movement and its supporters hacking anything in sight, and part of it is simply that certain governments have gotten around to using the net to do what they would have done a decade ago with a knock on the door from the national police.

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