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Are Parents Making Facebook Uncool?

from the it's-always-something dept

My parents recently joined Facebook (a few months after joining Twitter), and I actually thought that was pretty cool -- but I'm no longer at the age where everything my parents do embarrasses me. For kids who are at that point in their lives, having parents join Facebook is quite a conundrum. The latest study out of the UK is suggesting that, with parents suddenly joining Facebook en masse, it's becoming uncool for kids to be there. I have no idea how accurate the study is, but if it's true, it raises an interesting question: is there a way to avoid such an "uncoolness" factor as a site like Facebook expands? I would think that you'd need to build in certain features to separate out groups easily, so that you could quickly dunk parents into a certain bucket, and friends into a different one, to make sure that lives are "kept separate."

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  1. identicon
    The Rage, 7 Aug 2009 @ 8:07am

    Re: This thread is lame

    Heh, you're to be applauded. FINALLY a parent who has the courage and TRUE LOVE to be one. SO many parents haven't matured enough to accept the responsibility of yea, I have to be the Blue Meanie. Kid's need and actually crave limits and you have to be very clear. It's the parent's role to guide their offspring to tell the truth, to not beat around the bush, to not be lazy, and most importantly to punish them immeadiately when the kid is being "sneaky". Otherwise, they will undoubtedly turn out to be unscrupulous, amoral adults whose life AND the live's of their offspring will become a miserable mess.

    AN idle mind IS the Devil's Workshop. In fact, they'd be a whole lot LESS problems if parent's insisted on keeping their teenager's BUSY with the task of becoming A PRODUCTIVE MEMBER of SOCIETY, IE, a REAL ADULT, rather than perpetuating the current notion of childhood through college past the age of 30.

    Plus, like you said, until a kid reaches 18, you basically own 'em. When they're on-their-own, you just hope and pray for the best.

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