Entertainment Industry Decides FileSoup Doesn't Have Enough Publicity; Has Owner Arrested

from the forums-are-bad,-m'kay? dept

A bunch of people have been submitting variations on the story that a guy who runs a site called FileSoup has been arrested. FileSoup apparently was a tracker site for a while, but for the past few years has actually just been a forum where people post links -- many of which, one assumes, were for unauthorized content. It's a little unclear what he was arrested for. At times they quizzed him about FileSoup (and didn't seem to fully understand the technology). But on the form they gave him, it said he was arrested for downloading movies (to which he wonders why that's not a civil offense). It'll be worth watching as more details come out, but it's a bit troubling when someone is arrested for running a forum, when the real concern is the actions of the people in the forum, rather than the forum host (admittedly, they may have evidence of direct infringement by him as well, but the questioning seemed to cover the operation of FileSoup itself).

Either way, you do have to wonder what good this does the entertainment industry or anti-piracy organization FACT (who many believe is closely involved in the investigation -- though that has not been confirmed). Frankly, I'd never heard of FileSoup, and having the name in headlines all over is likely to only give it that much more attention. The same thing has happened in the past multiple times, including with sites like The Pirate Bay, which most people had never heard of prior to it being raided by the government. So, as long as the site remains up, more people find out about it. If the site goes down, the users quickly scatter to alternative sites. What has the entertainment industry accomplished? Not much useful.

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  1. icon
    Bubba Gump (profile), 6 Aug 2009 @ 6:10am

    Now, you all know that's not going to happen

    FACT is NEVER going to get in trouble for any of this activity. This whole situation is just going to get worse over the years.

    The real question is, where do we all move when the US is so full of idiots that we can't even breathe? (Who is John Galt?)

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