And Of Course: Twitter Sued For Patent Infringement In Texas

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This should hardly be a surprise, but with Twitter being so popular lately, it was only a matter of time until it was targeted in patent infringement lawsuits. At the very least, the company suing them appears to (a) actually be based in Texas and (b) have a product on the market. But... that doesn't make TechRadium's lawsuit against Twitter any more reasonable or sensible. Take a look at the patents in question:
  • 7,130,389: Digital notification and response system
  • 7,496,183: Method for providing digital notification
  • 7,519,165: Method for providing digital notification and receiving responses
Read through the claims on each of these patents and try not to gag on the obviousness of all three. If you picked any competent programmer (or, should we say, one who is "skilled in the art") and discussed messaging systems, this is pretty much what any of them would develop. There's nothing particularly unique or special in what's described in these patents. And, now, unfortunately, Twitter needs to waste time and money defending itself for doing something (ahem) obvious.

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Companies: techradium, twitter

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  1. icon
    another mike (profile), 5 Aug 2009 @ 3:29pm

    wired has this too

    I saw this story on Wired first.

    They have my new favorite quote of all time. From Twitter documents released on TechCrunch, "We will be sued for patent infringement, repeatedly and often."

    That really just says it all doesn't it?

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