Entitlement Society: Grad Can't Find Job, Sues Her College For Tuition Back

from the entitlement-culture-gone-wrong dept

We've been talking a lot about "entitlement culture" these days, with much of the focus being on companies or individuals who feel entitled to keep their old business models, even as the market is changing. But entitlement society shows up in other places as well. Jeff Nolan points us to the story of a college graduate who has been unable to find a job since she graduated in April and is now suing her college, Monroe College, for the $70,000 she spent on tuition. Apparently, the fact that we're in one of the worst economic downturns in ages doesn't come into play. Or the fact that what you learn in college (hopefully) lasts a lifetime. To this woman, the fact that she hasn't been able to find a job in four months means she deserves her entire tuition back?

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    C.M.Dess, 3 Aug 2009 @ 11:07am

    I think she's doing a good thing. The job scene needs improvement and intervention, period. This situation sounds similar to the music business, they keep chucking out graduates so they can go to work at Guitar Center or other music retailer. Meanwhile the career itself requires a lot of sales like infrastructure. It's obviously demoralizing, and false advertising. Most graduates I've encountered never got the job they signed up for or anything close. We're talking about PRECIOUS years of life here.

    Would a share holder put up with not getting a return on their investment? Yet you expect a person who just chucked four years of their life, sanity, and money, they should get the big mac experience? We don't know how hard it was for this person to get into college, maybe her mother mortgaged the house, etc... Colleges have been treating people like this for decades as the job pool is getting smaller and smaller from more and more graduates appearing. Not to mention the fact the jobs are often evolving as the person is learning an older business model.

    I've never understood why people who've done the work on good faith aren't being rewarded for their efforts. If you do this to a person, you can expect a lot of contempt, repress anger and distrust. It used to be you could use the analogy of a carrot on a stick, but now things seem more comparable to a mouse trap on a stick.

    The system of jammed.

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