Entitlement Society: Grad Can't Find Job, Sues Her College For Tuition Back

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We've been talking a lot about "entitlement culture" these days, with much of the focus being on companies or individuals who feel entitled to keep their old business models, even as the market is changing. But entitlement society shows up in other places as well. Jeff Nolan points us to the story of a college graduate who has been unable to find a job since she graduated in April and is now suing her college, Monroe College, for the $70,000 she spent on tuition. Apparently, the fact that we're in one of the worst economic downturns in ages doesn't come into play. Or the fact that what you learn in college (hopefully) lasts a lifetime. To this woman, the fact that she hasn't been able to find a job in four months means she deserves her entire tuition back?

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    dhrizzo (profile), 3 Aug 2009 @ 10:57am

    Individuals owe society not the other way around.

    The problem is that even with a college degree you can't fix STUPID!
    To many people think the world owes them something. They don't get it. It is the individual that owes the world (society)something. This is the problem with our entitlement system, it trains people to think the world owes them things rather than the way it really is.
    People owe themselves and society to work hard and prosper for their own good and the good of all (society).
    This include acts of charity,for it is better to give than to receive. In giving the giver receives, he/she receives a sense of good, of knowing that your good deed has helped another less fortunate than you. It takes the mind off of self and puts it on others. When you think of other first, your problems seem to become less important. You become happier and more content. Well, Nuf said.

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