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Catholic Archbishop Apparently Not A Fan Of Social Networking

from the who-unfriended-him? dept

Catholic Archbishop Vincent Nichols apparently is not a big fan of social networking online, as he's making some news for trashing sites like Facebook and MySpace for creating "transient" friendships. He also throws in some bizarre statement about how these sites lead kids to commit suicide. To be honest, his statements don't sound all that different than plenty of old luddites who have never bothered to actually use the technology. And his complaints don't sound all that different complaints heard throughout time by an older generation against what's popular at the time. As we've noted, at various times, people have complained about the nefarious influence of rock 'n roll, comic books, movies, the telephone, novels, plays, the waltz and chess. In every case, the fear is more from someone not understanding what's going on, rather than any real fear, and the issue appears to be the same this time around as well.

Reporter Yumi Wilson, though, points out something more important though: despite what this archbishop is saying, the Catholic Church has actually been embracing social media, using text messages and creating its own social network. It also has a strong presence on Facebook and has used it to connect various Catholics to each other. And, she notes, the Vatican has its own YouTube Channel. Apparently, the Catholic Church, itself, doesn't quite agree with the views of Archbishop Nichols.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 3 Aug 2009 @ 8:37am

    Re: Re: Re: Yea, This guy knows what the f&@# he's talking about.

    "Couldn't agree with that part more. The idea that only after you've personally experienced something can you have an opinion on it is silly. Take for example, oh I don't know...heroin. I think heroin use is generally a bad thing. I've never done heroin. Clearly I don't know what I'm talking about."

    I think there are shades of gray. Heroin has very well document effects on the human body; enough to show that it is bad for you. But you can't say a book or music or other piece of art and culture is 'evil' without having actually experienced it. Anyone else remember the lies told about Harry Potter, how it taught kids to cast evil witchcraft and the books were blasphemous and evil incarnate that should be burned? Why did that happen? because some people went spouting off about the books without actually reading them.

    Actually I hate how quick the religious are to decry something as evil in general, the word is starting to lose any meaning. It used to be that to be evil one had to cause pain and suffering for no other reason than they enjoyed doing it. Now it is used by everyone to call anyone who is fighting for something they don't believe in evil.

    I personally am an agnostic, or a universal unitarian, depending on how you want to look at it but I was raised Christian and taught not to decry things as evil or say that someone is going to go to hell because the big guy in the sky would sort things out and we, being human, can't possibly know the whole story to know if someone was truly being evil or only doing what they thought was right (not that that would excuse them for breaking laws, but there is a difference between saying something is wrong and calling someone evil and saying their going to end up in hell). It always disappoints me to see how quick most Christians are to do that...

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