Couple Taken 400 Miles Off Course By Trusting Their GPS

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It really is amazing to see some of the stories about people shutting off their brains (and often their own eyes) in order to believe everything that their GPS device tells them. The latest example involves some Swedish tourists in Italy, who wanted to go to Capri, but mistyped it into the device as Carpi, an industrial town in Northern Italy, 400 miles away from the beautiful isle of Capri. Apparently, it didn't occur to them as they drove (and drove and drove) that perhaps things weren't right. According to tourist officials, after being informed, the couple got back in the car, and turned around to head in the right direction.

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  1. identicon
    The Navigator, 29 Jul 2009 @ 5:06pm

    Misleading headline

    It should have read.

    Sausage fingered Couple Taken 400 miles off course by typing the wrong destination into their GPS, then not bothering to read the road signs.

    This is about stupidity NOT about the technology.

    Almost like when the stupid Stupid STUPID guy from the bay area lost his life and risked his family's life trying to cross the Oregon Cascades in a car on a back road in the dead of winter. Only because the GPS said it was shorter. He risked the lives of the searchers, cost the Counties, State and feds thousands of dollars and then the family claimed the state was at fault for not blocking the road.

    This isn't about technology, it is about stupid people not knowing how to read a map, follow a compass, or ask a GPS to take them to the right town.

    Your headline is disappointing sensationalism Mike.

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