Pandora: If We're Getting Taxed So Heavily By SoundExchange, Radio Should Be Too

from the strange-bedfellows dept

Well, this is rather disappointing. Just days after caving in and agreeing to new webcaster rates that will harm pretty much everyone, Pandora has gotten right into bed with the RIAA/SoundExchange in supporting the Performance Right Act (the RIAA Bailout Act) to extend a similar unnecessary tax on radio. Pandora's reasoning is no surprise: basically it's saying that if it has to pay such a silly tax to help promote musicians, it's unfair that radio stations get away without paying something similar. But, still, it's disappointing. Rather than looking at adding value to the overall market, Pandora has basically decided that it's "enemy's enemy is a friend" and is supporting such a law simply because it will harm radio stations. This makes me think significantly less of Pandora.

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    Killer_Tofu (profile), 15 Jul 2009 @ 6:09am

    Sad but they deserve it

    This is very sad to hear about Pandora.
    I will have a hard time using them now knowing that they are part of this crap with royalties.
    The NAB and others really do have this coming though. They have spent so much time trying to screw over their competitors instead of competing, that they really do deserve this.
    What I love about the increased rates for all is that once they are all out of business, the companies forcing these rates will have a drastically decreased income.
    That should expose all of this for the sham it is.
    It really is sad though that so many people just let this happen and never talk to our representatives. Although, yah, I know they wouldn't listen to us anyways. Just maybe though, if enough people stood up, they might. Maybe. One can hope.

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