Swedish Performing Rights Society Demands Cash From Companies That Let Employees Listen To Music

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It appears that the Swedish performing rights society STIM is taking lessons from ASCAP (in the US) and PRS (in the UK) in trying to extend the definition of a public performance in order to demand licensing money from just about anyone. In this case, STIM has apparently sent out demand letters to thousands of Swedish companies telling those companies that if anyone at the company listens to music on the job, the company needs to pay for a license:
Perhaps someone has the radio on or is listening to a CD and if so, you need to have a permit that allows for music to be played the workplace... A workplace isn't private and therefore you should have a license for music to be played so that the copyright holders get paid.
This is, of course, quite misleading. The copyright holder has already been paid if they're listening to the radio or a CD. This is an attempt to get paid multiple times for the same thing. We've been hearing stories about how these various collection societies are in trouble lately due to low interest rates and poor investment choices, but watching them flail around and start demanding money from everyone, and trying to get paid multiple times for the same work is really quite an amazing abuse of power. Why isn't any gov't agency cracking down on such an abuse?

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    Dark Helmet (profile), 10 Jul 2009 @ 2:46pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Huge Ass Post

    "I agree completely that the system is gamed together by corporations and politicians(or, rather, special interests and politicians--it is not being a corporation that provides influence but wealth)."

    I think I see where I'm not being clear, because the way you're responding indicates you're not getting what I'm saying. You talk about big industry and government as if they're seperate entities. I do not believe that they are. Again, the examples are our foriegn policy changes upon the oilmen Bush/Cheney coming to power. Anyone who thinks it's a coincidence that to big oil guys come to power and we suddenly go to war with two oil-rich nations and topple their anti-American business regimes is crazy. Again, no bias, the dems aren't any better, because they're ALL controlled by the corporate-bred CFR and Trilateral Commission.

    And I think I might be using greed in a way you are not, because in my definition, which I took from definition.com, it only talks about the accumulation of goods and wealth, and says nothing of your "plugging back into the system". I don't define what you're talking about as "greed". I also don't think this plugging back in is currently going on to any significant degree, rather that money is being jacked into these collection agencies and patent lobbying groups that limit freedom.

    "Alright...but the problem there isn't greed, it's stupidity and shortsightedness."

    I just flatout disagree. The stupidity and shortsightedness were on the part of those duped, not those doing the duping. Those doing the duping, that purposely shortselled the market into a free fall, knew EXACTLY what they were doing, but they didn't care. They just wanted to accumulate. And that is the greed.

    "I disagree that that many are from corporations, although many are."


    If not, some examples in just the last administration of exec and cabinet level big business people:

    GW Bush: Spectrum7 and then Harken Oil, served on the board that was investigated for insider trading.

    Cheney: Chairman on both AEI and Haliburton, not to mention multiple chairs in the CFR

    Condie Rice: Policy coordinator for Chevron, who during the Bush administration had an oil tanker named after her, for no given reason despite repeated questioning. Also served on the Board of Dir. for Chevron, Rand, HP, and Charles Schwab

    Paul O'neil: Treasury Secretary, Chaired both Rand and Alcoa, the prime subject of a book on economic irresponsibility in the Bush Admin.

    Donald Rumsfeld: Where to begin. Aspartame had been blocked repeatedly by the FDA as an artificial sweetener because of it's toxicity (it's a byprodcut of the creation of aluminum and other metals) as well as it's dulling effects (it was put in Nazi concentration camp water supplied to placate Jewish prisoners). When he joined the the Ford Administration, it was suddenly pushed through by the head of the FDA even though it was rejected by the FDA's board. Searl is the chief manufacturer of aspartame, which is now in most diet sodas. Rumsfeld Chaired Searl. He also chaired Gilead Sciences in the late 90's, which was then mostly unknown. They created Tamiflu during his time there. In an amazing coincidence, shortly after he reentered a cabinet level position under W., Bird Flu came about. Tamiflu is the chief script for Avian Flu.

    I could go on, but you get the idea.

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