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California Promises No Sales Tax Due To Affiliates To Keep Amazon/Overstock Affiliates Happy

from the someone's-been-watching dept

In the last few weeks we've seen companies like Amazon drop affiliates in a bunch of different states, due to proposals in cash-strapped state legislatures to force the online retailers to collect sales tax even if there are only affiliates in that state. Apparently, California politicians put forth a similar proposal, and following threats from Overstock to drop its local affiliates, Governor Schwarzenegger has promised that no such bill will pass (thanks Eric Goldman). It seems that the willingness for these online retailers to cut off affiliates (and the anger that creates among those affiliates) caught the attention of at least someone with power in California.

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    PPNSteve (profile), 7 Jul 2009 @ 11:04am

    Re: Another reason CA has a huge deficit . . .

    Well I run my business from California too.. its really not that bad, really! We get paid in IOU's with a whopping 3% interest.. our base rate for (good) credit clients is 12%


    BTW, would you take this IOU instead of cash for my payment?

    The Governator has to deal with these bought and paid for idiots in the legislature

    OT: I'm all for this no tax as we also affiliate sell thru amazon (and others) on some of our sites.

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