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by Mike Masnick

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McDonald's Not Dismissed From Nude Photo Case... But It Can Sue Its Own Employee Too

from the everybody-pile-on-now dept

Last month, we wrote about McDonald's attempt to get dismissed from a lawsuit involving a McDonald's employee who is accused of uploading naked photos found on a phone that was left at the fast food joint. Apparently, the company hasn't been dismissed from the lawsuit, but Michael Scott points out that the court has said that McDonald's can sue the employee in question over the matter for any damages. The court appears to have said that because a McDonald's employee promised to safeguard the phone, it became the company's responsibility -- but the fact that the employee was then negligent allows McDonald's to separately sue the employee for any damages.

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  1. identicon
    ChimpBush McHitlerBurton, 7 Jul 2009 @ 4:12pm

    Re: Binding Agreements

    Yes, kinda interesting...

    So all I have to do is find a friend who either works at Mickeys, or will for the sake of this scam...

    ...then, leave a phone with naked pics of my "girlfriend" for the "employee" to find and "promise" to guard....

    ...then, upload the photos to the internet, sue, wash, rinse, repeat.

    ...I sue Mickey's, who has the DEEPEST of pockets, and Mickey's can sue the "employee" who - let's face it - has nothing (he works at Mickey's, remember?)

    ...So, let's take score. Me and my "girlfriend" and the "employee" can share the million dollar settlement (the employee can file for bankruptcy and THEN collect from me), while Mickey's can suck it.

    Us - 1
    Mickey's - 0


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