Redlight Cameras In Kansas City Are Too Successful

from the gotta-hire-more-people dept

We've had a bunch of stories about problems with redlight cameras, in that they don't seem to make intersections any safer, but they do present an easy way for cities to bring in a lot of cash quickly. However, there's an apparent "downside" to the cash influx, as well. Reader mrtraver alerts us to the news that redlight cameras in Kansas City have been issuing so many tickets that the police department needs more money to handle all the tickets. Kansas City wants to hire four new officers just to deal with the automated tickets, or get more money to pay officers' overtime salaries for dealing with so many tickets. Apparently, in just three months, the cameras at 20 intersections have given out 6,900 tickets, and there's a big backlog as officers need to review each photo to make sure it's legit before sending out the citation.

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    Chronno S. Trigger (profile), 7 Jul 2009 @ 9:33am

    Re: Re: Re: quick income

    "Please explain how "red light cameras essentially get rid of this [yellow light separation between red/green]"?"

    He's saying what I was saying, when people realize that the red light cameras are there they won't risk going threw the end of the yellow and beginning of the red (or the yellow at all due to the risk of illegal shrinking that you spoke of). They'll just slam on the breaks.

    I almost hit someone doing that. I thought he was just going to go threw and I would stop so I was breaking to stop at the line. The guy stayed at speed like he was going to go threw and then just jacked on the breaks at the last second. Luckily I drive far enough back, unlike everyone else in this city. We don't even have red light cameras here (so those bastards are spreading the danger to other cities as well).

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